Virtual Meetings & Experiences

Customized virtual keynotes, workshops, team meetings, and immersive events that make online learning a blast and help your team’s performance soar.

Over 20 years of real-world experience working with hungry performers who want more, distilled into instantly-actionable strategies, behavior, tools, and takeaways to grow faster.

Virtual experiences bring people together even when they’re physically apart.

What teams need most right now is connection, to feel seen, and to feel like they’re still growing and learning. So what do we do when an important message, transformation, and experience is just what the team needs… but meeting in a shared physical space just isn’t in the cards?

My virtual keynotes and workshops are professionally executed, elevated events that far surpass the “yet another Zoom meeting” routine. Your people will be fired up, engaging and interacting, and immersing in the learning experience.

My goal is to have every person leave the session saying, “Man, that was GREAT! When can we have her do that again?

No boring slide decks or jargon-filled webinars here.

As more organizations decentralize and work remotely (either temporarily or permanently), I’ve honed my approach to deliver powerful results virtually to any location. These high-impact, live, virtual meetings deliver unique content, performance elements, and immersive qualities, straight to your computer.  (Or phone – I’m not here to judge.)

We create Virtual Experiences together.

Every team is different, so I customize every keynote, workshop, and training to prioritize YOUR goals with the techniques, tools, strategy, and motivation to achieve more in less time.

Her energy was contagious and her competence shined through

We had the absolute pleasure of working with Henna for our leadership experience. Her energy was contagious and her competence shined through from the very first call. Not only was she spot on with her content and messaging, but we couldn’t have asked for a better partner in the process. She was a delight to work with, her content resonated meaningfully with our participants. We cannot wait to work with Henna again!

Robyn Ginese, Global Head for Executive Leadership and Development, FIS Global

Virtual sessions are perfect for your remote team.

We need community more than ever and a great virtual session can keep remote teams engaged, excited, and put the focus on prioritizing relationships. Some sample interactive, customizable virtual experience topics include:

  • Awkward and Upward!: Why awkwardness is your secret weapon for risk-taking at work
  • Time is Money: New Rules for Communication in a Hybrid Workplace
  • Turning Down the Chatter: How to Rise Above Adversity in Times of Change
  • Rewiring Your Team’s Psychology for Modern-Day Revenue Growth
  • More workshop topics here


Henna eats Zoom Fatigue for breakfast. (With a sprinkling of hot sauce!) Her high energy, humorous-but-impactful style and content are known for keeping people on their toes and excited to stay tuned in – and then some. Thanks to some effort and a lot more stubbornness, she isn’t satisfied until she’s turned the biggest virtual meeting skeptics into believers. 

In addition to her enthusiasm, she’s spent time and energy on learning all of the modern techniques that make a virtual meeting engaging – including interactive tools, innovative platforms, and partnering with company session moderators.

Henna has done hundreds of virtual presentations, trainings, and workshops using almost every platform under the sun and considers herself extremely tech-savvy. Any platform is on the table for a virtual event.

We’ll talk about how we’ll use recordings, distribution, and other options together when we co-create your virtual experience.

Does Justin Bieber have a voice as smooth as butter? (That’s a yes.) Every virtual experience has takeaways that are customized just for you. We’ll be sure to discuss takeaway content and options during our strategy sessions leading up to the event.

The workshops we have done with Henna have helped build confidence, understand drive and resilience and practice endurance

Those who do not invest in the mental skills and abilities of their staff are going to lose them. Henna's work helped us sharpen our awareness and focus, so that we were working with what is real and on what we can contribute.

The most common piece of feedback from Henna's sessions with us is "I felt confident and comfortable in taking action." Henna targets beliefs and how to turn them into actions, that allows you to understand why, then what, then how.

The workshops we have done with Henna have helped build confidence, understand drive and resilience and practice endurance. With the business landscape where it is today, these are essential mental skills and attributes.

If you want an engaging speaker who is authentic, motivational and understanding of what it takes to have a bias for action, then Henna is it."

John Dougan, Senior Director, Global Sales Delivery & Coaching, Workday

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