Are you a Recruiting, Staffing, or Sales Professional? Work with me  

Seminars & Workshops

Would you love to see a transformational change in your team’s performance within a day or two?  Consider a customized strategic work session, seminar, or workshop to address a wide variety of topics. No two workshops are exactly the same – we personalize the content, just for you.

Leadership Development and/or Women in Leadership

The power-over paradigm is dead. We help modern leaders and emerging leaders empower their teams, boost their confidence, and powerfully navigate change.

Sales and Revenue Growth

Time is money! Ditch the old ways and ignite your sales through new techniques, the latest strategies, and a fresh mindset for the modern era.

Performance Optimization

The world isn’t short on ideas, it’s short on execution. Learn how to activate your Personal Inertia and take proven, actionable steps to work less hard and make more impact in everything you do.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

We work with some of the world’s most visionary companies to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion, and promote representation across their leadership and teams. Find out how to bring underrepresented voices to the table and keep them there.

Small Group Executive Coaching

Individual or small group coaching for Established Leaders or Emerging Leaders who would benefit from:

  • Implementing effective change management
  • An upgrade in their conflict resolution skills
  • Professional development to support managing a high stakes situation
  • Increasing employee engagement and motivation
  • Improving performance management with employees
  • Delivering and receiving effective feedback
  • Specific topics such as Personal Mastery, Executive Presence and Confidence, Persuasion and Influence, Leading Through Change, and more.

Leadership/Management Seminars + Strategic Work Sessions

Customized for Senior Leaders, BOD, women leaders, emerging leaders, virtual teams, etc.

  • Employee engagement intensive (masterclass on active listening, guiding through perspectives/values/emotions coaching, and more for measurably more engaged teams)
  • Building ongoing feedback into performance management
  • How to deliver feedback without micromanaging
  • How to coach important performance issues
  • Intro to conducting effective One-on-Ones
  • Coaching the vague (when the actions aren’t outright infractions)
  • Conducting performance appraisals that actually have impact
  • Management Trainee introduction to leadership
  • Emotional intelligence 101 (making believers out of the skeptics!)
  • Forwarding and deepening employee relationships for improved Team Communication

Team Seminars + Strategic Work Sessions

  • Conflict resolution that works
  • Communicating with impact and clarity
  • Written communication that converts and sells
  • Corporate mindfulness for peak performance
  • Know your triggers:  How to keep your tank full and head cool
  • Influencing Up and Over
  • How successful people self-handicap and how to avoid it

Career Transition

1. Schedule a strategy call.
2. Customize a plan.
3. Celebrate success!