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20 years of real-world experience working closely with ambitious leaders and teams, boiled down into a science-based, modern approach to being braver in the work that we do.

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Watch your world change.

As a lifelong learner and award-winning top performer, Henna is a highly regarded and sought-after keynote speaker, trainer, and leadership and performance coach for high achievers.

Henna’s energetic delivery style works equally well virtually or in-person, at larger events or intimate corporate sessions and workshops. Engaging and inspirational, Henna’s keynotes and working sessions are rooted in her multi-decade expertise in Workplace Performance. She loves to use stories and humor as tools to engage her audiences and open people up to new possibilities.

Click here for her most popular Signature Talks (including full session descriptions).

In addition to her signature talks, Henna brings her expertise on topics including:

  • Performance optimization
  • Women in business/leadership
  • Coaching as a leadership superpower
  • The power of turning down negative chatter and neutral thinking
  • Changing sales psychology (and why most of us are doing it wrong)
  • Persuasion, influence, and negotiation
  • Modern day communication (interpersonal and digital)
  • Bringing the human back to sales messaging and copywriting
  • Entrepreneurship

Her unique perspectives have brought her to stages at companies ranging from the hottest emerging startups to global Fortune 500’s such as FIS Global, Workday, Google, Johnson & Johnson, JPMorganChase, and many more.

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She can be reached directly at or through her booking link.  

Henna’s Most-Requested Live and Virtual Programs:
  • SIGNATURE TALK: Awkward and Upward! Why awkwardness is your secret weapon for risk taking at work
  • The Changing Psychology of Influence and Persuasion in the Modern Era (for Leaders or Sales Teams)
  • Addition by Subtraction: The 4 Hidden Secrets to Increasing Engagement and Reducing Burnout
  • Performance Mindset Meets Generative AI: How to Retrain our Brains to Use and Leverage Technology the Right Away
  • Turning Down the Chatter: How to Rise Above Adversity in Times of Change
  • The Copy Clinic Series: Sales Messaging & Copywriting for Modern Day Sales Professionals
  • Additional sample descriptions here

If you are looking for a coach or speaker to light a fire in your growth team —Henna is who you should book.

Her session gave our team so much energy (as in, I had to cut my team off and move on to dinner at the end of the day). Her real-world applications and solid guidelines to high-performance growth are pretty incredible.

10/10... do recommend!

Rebecca Black, VP of Marketing, RevUnit

Why hire Henna?

Hiring a speaker who gets your business, connects with your audience, and delivers impactful and modern content with actionable takeaways is critical to a successful event.

Attention is a currency…. and we don’t have time to waste!

Henna Pryor has worked with audiences across all levels and industries throughout her career, which gives her the unique ability to meet people where they are, pushing boundaries, challenging them to play a bigger game, removing obstacles and excuses to success, and reframing struggle as opportunity.

She delivers customized keynotes, coaching, and leadership development programs to established and emerging leaders at the world’s best-known brands, Workday, US Bank, Johnson & Johnson, FIS Global, and many more.

A few ways happy clients have described Henna:

  • “Even virtually, our entire team was glued to the screen! One of the few female speakers with top-notch credentials and high energy, spot-on delivery.”
  • “Actionable, relevant, real, magnetic… and honestly, a ton of FUN.”
  • “Henna told us she was going to light our team on fire and she delivered. She’s somehow able to straddle the tension between a firm, but loving push – one that makes you laugh, cry, take action, and get excited for the future.

Here are 6 reasons why meeting professionals, speaker associations, and corporations LOVE working with Henna:

1. Henna doesn’t just relay ideas – she resonates.

Henna’s warmth, intelligence, and authenticity shine through her keynotes and workshops. She never “gives a speech.” Instead, she holds a conversation with your audience, whether that’s 10 leaders in a high-level strategy session or 5,000 people in a convention center keynote. Every session is interactive to get your attendees involved and give them a transformative, experiential, and memorable experience!

2. She comes with a delicious coating of credibility

Henna spent 14 years as a leader and top 10% producer at a $2B publicly traded staffing firm where she worked with leaders and high performers across every industry under the sun, before starting her speaking, executive coaching, and consulting business in 2019…


Finding a powerful virtual speaker is a must for today's increasingly decentralized and digital landscape! eSpeakers certifies Henna as someone who has proven her ability to deliver her message remotely - with impact!- using the tools, environment, and skills needed to perform a quality remote presentation using live video.

"Her energy was contagious and her competence shined through from the very first call."

We had the absolute pleasure of working with Henna for our leadership experience. Her energy was contagious and her competence shined through from the very first call. Not only was she spot on with her content and messaging, but we couldn’t have asked for a better partner in the process. She was a delight to work with, her content resonated meaningfully with our participants. We cannot wait to work with Henna again!

Robyn Ginese, Global Head for Executive Leadership and Development, FIS Global

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"If you want an engaging speaker who is authentic, motivational and understanding of what it takes to have a bias for action - Henna is it!"

Those who do not invest in the mental skills and abilities of their staff are going to lose them. Henna's work helped us sharpen our awareness and focus, so that we were working with what is real and on what we can contribute.

The most common piece of feedback from Henna's sessions with us is "I felt confident and comfortable in taking action." Henna targets beliefs and how to turn them into actions, that allows you to understand why, then what, then how.

The workshops we have done with Henna have helped build confidence, understand drive and resilience and practice endurance. With the business landscape where it is today, these are essential mental skills and attributes.

If you want an engaging speaker who is authentic, motivational and understanding of what it takes to have a bias for action, then Henna is it."

John Dougan, Senior Director, Global Sales Delivery & Coaching, Workday