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As a lifelong learner and award-winning top performer, Henna is a highly regarded and sought-after keynote speaker, trainer, and leadership and performance coach for high achievers.

Henna’s energetic delivery style works equally well virtually or in-person, at larger events or intimate corporate sessions and workshops. Engaging and inspirational, Henna’s keynotes and working sessions are rooted in her belief that we should all fall in love with feeling awkward in order to climb upward. She loves to use stories and humor as tools to engage her audiences and open people up to new possibilities.

She presents on topics related to:

  • Performance optimization
  • Women in business/leadership
  • Coaching as a leadership superpower
  • The power of turning down negative chatter and neutral thinking
  • Changing sales psychology (and why most of us are doing it wrong)
  • Persuasion, influence, and negotiation
  • Modern day communication (interpersonal and digital)
  • Bringing the human back to sales messaging and copywriting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • And more

Her unique perspectives have brought her to stages at companies ranging from the hottest emerging startups to global Fortune 500’s such as FIS Global, Workday, Johnson & Johnson. 

She can be reached directly at or through her booking link.  

Henna’s Most-Requested Live and Virtual Programs:
  • Awkward and Upward! Learning to Enjoy Discomfort for Big Results
  • Time is Money: New Rules for Communication in a Hybrid Workplace
  • Turning Down the Chatter: How to Rise Above Adversity in Times of Change
  • Rewiring Your Team's Psychology for Modern-Day Revenue Growth
  • The Copy Clinic Series: Sales Messaging & Copywriting for Modern Day Sales Professionals

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