Persuasion and Influence, Sales, and Revenue Growth

Sales Training and Working Sessions

Looking for details on our completely referral based, flying-off-the-shelves training programs?  Click here for more info on the Rewire and Copy Clinic programs!

Time is Money: New Rules for Communicating in a Hybrid Workplace (75 min.): Should it be a video meeting? A phone call? Slack? An email? A text?  An IM?

  • In this modern era, the world of business is increasingly digital and work and communication practices have changed FAST. This workshop is full of actionable tips and tricks for top notch communication and learning what it takes to navigate these new realities to unlock the power of remote or hybrid teams.
  • Explore how to collaborate and communicate better digitally across various platforms and channels, manage performance and productivity in the digital space, and keep each other motivated and engaged.

Sales Psychology in the New Era (60 min.): Embracing a new way to sell in the new decade and beyond

Framestorm Before you Brainstorm (60 min.): Persuasion and Influence: Using Framing Tools to Influence, Enroll, and Engage your Teams, Leaders, and Clients

Prepping for your Pitch (45 or 60 min.): How to write an elevator pitch and full pitch that gets attention and sells

The Sales Copy Clinic – A Sales Messaging & Copywriting for Sales Professionals (6 sessions, 60-90 min. each): 90% of people don’t pick up an unknown phone number anymore! A powerful, all-inclusive 6 session workshop (60 min each) for sales teams who are interested in increasing revenue through more effective messaging

The Sales Rewire – Rewire Your Thinking to Sell Like a Coach (6 sessions, 60 min. each): For sales leaders or sales teams. The old approach to sales doesn’t work anymore. The world has changed. Organizations are flattening, we have to do more with less. We can’t “stay in our lane” anymore. Sales in this modern era requires learning new skills and being more versatile. This 6 session workshop will help you rewire your thinking to sell like a coach.

Turn the Chatter Down to Shoot Performance Up (60 min.):  Learn how to harness the same skills professional athletes like Russell Wilson use – the power of turning down negative chatter and neutral thinking. Concrete strategies for turning down the inner critic, coming back to a grounded way of thinking, and smashing your goals.

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