Private Coaching

✔ You are driven.
✔ You are passionate about what you do.
✔ You take action.
✔ People call you “successful.”

But you know you can DO MORE and BE MORE.

You're in the right place.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • Disengaged employees.
  • Financial performance not hitting targeted goals.
  • Distractions galore.
  • Lack of prioritization.
  • Slow growth.
  • Team turnover.
  • Hunger to grow FASTER.

Everyone deserves to work for a manager who knows exactly what to do in these situations. There are too many people depending on your leadership for you to feel unclear on your next steps.

I understand what it feels like to be all alone, spinning, trying to figure things out all by myself. For over two decades, I’ve been helping top level executives and organizations from start-ups to Fortune 500’s navigate next level growth successfully. My elite team of Executive Coaches and I work with a select roster of clients on a one-on-one basis.  Those who are ready and motivated to quiet the noise, clear the clutter, and…

Pursue their unique path to becoming the kind of leader that everyone loves.

Private Personalized Executive Coaching is for YOU if:
  • You know that you are a great leader, but are still struggling to get the results you want.
  • Your business challenges or team issues have become too complex to overcome alone.
  • You are lacking guidance and support to figure out your path.
  • You can’t seem to figure out your roadblocks to success.
  • You are suffering from self-doubt. You are unsure and frustrated by not being able to figure this out. It’s frustrating that this seems to be the first challenge you haven’t been able to figure out alone.
  • You feel discouraged by your current state of affairs. You feel under-appreciated and unmotivated. You feel stuck.

You know you are capable of more than this.  You know you have the skills to make it happen.  

You know that it is time to level up.

This level of coaching prompts major change in your teams and your business, but only if both partners (me as your coach, and you as the coachee) are willing to give it our all. I will be your support throughout the process and you will have my 100% attention. We will be a team.

The Result:

When we have wrapped our time together, you will leave the process feeling empowered to:

  • Confront new, bigger, and more complex problems
  • Advance into new territories
  • Reach your goals and priorities
  • Confident and in control
  • Handle what the complexity of the day brings you.
  • Feel in control of your future

And you will know how to quickly identify avoid situations in the future that will:

  • Keep you stagnant in your growth.
  • Require you to spend tons of money on growth only to get nothing from it.
  • Destroy your company culture through poor decisions
  • Jeopardize your reputation

Coaching comes from the world of sports and the arts, where athletes and actors receive coaching so that their work will become extraordinary instead of just ok.

Coaching gives clients a secret weapon – a competitive edge that their un-coached peers do not enjoy.

Coaching takes people from good to great. It’s there to help people reach their higher callings and unlived lives, the lives they are not yet living because they are trapped in their own, isolated, self-critical egos.

Coaching expands their world.

You are a leader who inspires your team and is empowered to make change that makes others stand up and take notice.


Pryority Leadership Accelerator – Private Client Executive Coaching Packages

  • Executive coaching packages are 3, 6, or 12 months.
  • Shifts often take time to see and commitment is essential to making lasting changes in your life.
  • 1-to-1 coaching packages are the most transformational and have the most long-term impact on a leader.  Once shifts occur, the results are measurable and performance skyrockets.
  • This program should be viewed as an investment in yourself.. When our work is complete, your strategy around your abilities as a rock star leader will be crystal clear, and you will have an action plan on how to get there.

Please connect with me for customized rates.

Pryority High-Impact Power Session

  • This is a perfect fit if you have a specific issue or challenge and you need a strategy and solution to overcome it. We’ll co-design a plan and build out the support to move you forward.
  • During our 50 minute Zoom Power Session, we’ll race right into the heart of the matter to determine the root cause of the issue, shine light on the hidden obstacles standing in the way, and discover the solutions that’ll lead to your highest probability of success.
  • Action is the name of the game here! We work together to create a concrete strategy to move you into action, build momentum, and forge ahead with confidence.

Please connect with me for Power Session rates.

*  Monthly payment plans available.


A: The cost of this program is about as affordable as a nice, long-weekend vacation. While you certainly could use a break, investing in this program now will allow you to create a more balanced work life so that break from the stress lasts much longer than just one weekend. While this is certainly an investment to consider seriously, I suspect continuing to spend 40+ hours a week in a place where you don’t feel fulfilled or maximized to your potential is what you really can’t afford.

A: As a former 14 year top-producing recruiter who has worked with C-level executives across every industry and across every revenue bracket, the short answer is no.  95% of direct managers are not trained Executive Coaches. While strong leaders are very knowledgeable about their industries, have outstanding technical ability, and are great mentors… ultimately they are not trained in the framework that dives deeply into the way YOU work, and what allows you – an individual – to be most successful and overcome your own obstacles. The majority of leaders do not have the proper tools to dig more deeply into career satisfaction, to peel back the layers, and to unearth the key criteria that will lead to true career fulfillment and success that a coach can provide.  There is a reason that athletes, musicians, and singers all insist on hiring the best coaches to level up, and don’t just take the guidance of the more experienced players. That said, if your only issue in the workplace is with your direct manager, in that scenario, I do suggest you have a discussion with him/her first before deciding if partnering with an Executive Coach is right or you.

A: I know you are a busy working professional, so our bi-weekly (or monthly) coaching calls will be  1 hour. Implementing your work will happen throughout the week in your day to day life, between sessions, without setting aside any extra time.

I’ve worked with thousands of professionals, business leaders, and business owners over the years, coaching them to get clear on what’s holding them back, and to identify and break down blocks that have been tripping them up for a long time. As a result, the impossible becomes possible, performance and motivation measurably improves, and job satisfaction skyrockets.

A: It’s possible! I work with several private Executive Coaching clients (schedule permitting), but I also have a hand-selected team of highly-qualified, professionally trained Pryority Group Executive + Leadership Coaches who I trust wholeheartedly.  These partner coaches are at a variety of investment levels, but all follow the same principles and standards and have the same accredited, professional qualifications in executive coaching that I do.

A strategy call with me will help us determine who the best fit is for you!

More than anything, what I really want for you is the confidence and growth I’ve personally found for myself.

Let’s do this together.

"Breakthrough transformation in only 2 sessions."

“When it comes to executive coaching there are a wealth of coaches that claim to add value, but Henna actually makes it happen. We started working together at a point where I was feeling very low in my career. By the end of our 2nd session, she helped me overcome several obstacles, taught me how to identify the things I was doing to hold myself back, and gave me tools to better position myself for success. I immediately signed up for the 12 month partnership with her.

She is able to strike a unique balance of strong coaching skills and active listening, and providing useful, actionable suggestions from her wealth of experience  in the industry.

Thanks to Henna, I have an entirely new approach to my role, and am talking with my manager about a promotion next month.”

Melanie S. VP, Fortune 500 Financial Services Firm

Getting started is easy.

1. Book a strategy call.

2. Customize a plan.

3. Celebrate success!