Performance Optimization & Mindset

Performance Optimization Training & Workshops

Are you seeking transformational change in your team’s performance within ONE DAY?  Just a few hours can change everything. Consider a group training or workshop to address a variety of topics.

Below is a sampling of Training and Workshops offered.

All programs are 100% customized to the company and team. Additional programming available and suggestions offered after initial complimentary discovery call.

Team Communication and a Culture of Trust (90 min.): A powerful working session based on the research of Brene Brown

Turn the Chatter Down to Shoot Performance Up (60 min.):  Learn how to harness the same skills professional athletes like Russell Wilson use – the power of turning down negative chatter and neutral thinking. Concrete strategies for turning down the inner critic, coming back to a grounded way of thinking, and smashing your goals.

How to Ask and Get What You Want (60 min.): A simple yet powerful framework for successful negotiation.

3 Phases of Business (60 min.): Optimizing Team Performance for a Post-Pandemic Workplace

Beating Team Burnout (60 min.): 5 Actionable Steps to Identify and Combat Burnout in Your Team and Take Action to Address Them

The Art and Science of Creating “Good Luck” (60 min.):  Can luck be learned? The steps to make yourself “luckier” in your everyday professional (and personal) life.

Time is Money: New Rules for Communicating in a Hybrid Workplace (75 min.):  Should it be a video meeting? A phone call? Slack? An email? A text?  An IM?  The world of business is increasingly digital and work and communication practices have changed FAST. This session is full of actionable tips and tricks for top notch communication and learning what it takes to navigate these new realities to unlock the power of remote or hybrid teams.