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The Bold Lounge

Henna Pryor: Boldness Favors the Awkward

As a TEDx Speaker, Executive Coach, and Workplace Performance Expert, Henna Pryor has had many bold moments in her personal and professional life. But that doesn’t mean that they were perfect or that she had no doubts along the way. In reality, she has felt awkward and nervous, and in this episode with Leigh Burgess, Henna explains how embracing our awkwardness is an important key to being bold.

Master Your Mindset: Tools to Win the Inner Game

Self-Awareness with Henna Pryor

In this episode, Collin Henderson and Henna Pryor discuss a key tool in mastering your mindset:  Self-awareness. We break down self-awareness, the power of coaching, questions you can ask yourself to improve your own self-awareness, and so much more.

TheEdge Podcast

Finding Your Greatest Contribution: Henna Pryor, Pryority Group

In this podcast, Henna unpacks her top tips for finding your confidence greatest contribution and career satisfaction at work. She shares:

  • How she made several successful career pivots
  • 3 of her favorite pieces of advice around leaning into your confidence at work.
  • Why fear is a mask for desire, why every female leader should remove the phrase “work-life balance” from their vocabulary, and how our communities can help develop our personal brand.

Recruiting Trailblazers

Henna Pryor: How to Write Insanely Effective Emails

In this episode, Marcus Edwardes speaks with Henna Pryor who recently developed a course aimed squarely at helping recruiting and sales professionals massively improve their outreach game; or, as she puts in, “write insanely effective emails that get results.”

Listen in as Henna discusses the difference between a blueprint and a script; the power of segmentation and specificity when crafting messages; creating curiosity in your subject lines; and how personalization, warmth, and fun can encourage more engagement.

Sales Transformation by Salescast

Sales & Performance Growth with Henna Pryor

Henna Pryor is the Award-Winning Executive Coach & Sales Trainer who founded Pryority Group and actualized her vision that the access to executive coaching and transformative performance programs should not just be limited to the C-suite. Investment in yourself is the most important asset to any person’s continued success and growth. With this core principle, she takes a no-nonsense, modern day approach to upleveling sales teams through coaching, hands-on strategy, sales messaging and copywriting, and using technology in all the right ways.

On Work and Revolution

The art of negotiating your compensation package with Henna Pryor, Workplace Peformance Expert

Salary negotiation: 2 words that send shivers up the spines of even the most ambitious high performers.

In this episode, Debbie Goodman is joined by Henna Pryor, Workplace Performance Expert and highly sought after Executive Coach, to discuss strategies and tactics for closing the pay gap and advocating for what you’re worth in the marketplace.

Being [at Work]

What Does It Look Like to Successfully Pivot? with Henna Pryor

Leveling-up is never an easy task. It takes self-awareness and the people around you to help shine a light on your strengths.

In this episode, listen to Henna’s story as she shares how she has motivated herself to pivot in her career. It all starts with being curious and allowing yourself to take small bets.

Hire Power Radio Show

Your Strongest Hire is Gone in 8 Seconds | Henna Pryor

You’re hiring and just are not seeing the quality flow of people responding to your job ads. A bit frustrated, you decide to launch an email/LinkedIn campaign targeting people from your competitors. You identify the people you want to talk to and start sending messages. Hopeful that you’ll draw in the strongest talent.

But the response is underwhelming at best. Why? In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why no one cares about your messaging today
  • How to structure your digital communications to gain a positive response

The People Gardener Podcast

Henna Pryor: Persuasion and Influence in Modern Business to Skyrocket Performance

Join Henna Pryor, PCC, TEDx speaker and Workplace Performance Expert as Rhonda Delaney invites her to break down effective persuasion and influence, broken down in bite size pieces with actionable steps.

In this episode, you’ll learn 3 specific framing techniques to make your next conversation more impactful, effective, and high-converting.

The Conscious Business Leader

Female Leadership and Sales Development with Pryority Group's Henna Pryor

Your host, World-Ranking Professional Runner Gabby Scott, speaks with Henna Pryor, CEO of Pryority Group, and discovers the secrets to success in her own career, as well as helping other women climb to the top and boost their performance and revenue.

UNFILTERED with Corey Keating

Don’t you want to be authentic? | Henna Pryor

“Fears are often based on stories you tell yourself.” Henna Pryor of the Pryority Group joins the show and we talk about leaving a safe job for a greater challenge, overcoming self-doubt, and how there’s even a world in which this entrepreneur could be pulled back into the corporate enterprise. Henna also shares her view on the state of authenticity in the workplace, and how “things are shifting and it’s going to benefit everyone”.

Revenue Real Hotline

Sales Messaging and Writing to Catapult Results, with Henna Pryor

In this episode, Amy Hrehovcik is joined by Henna Pryor to dive into one of the greatest things you can do to elevate your revenue career: focus on those writing skills. The skill of sales writing isn’t often taught in schools and in this conversation, we discuss tips how to do a lot better to keep it relevant for the buyers.

The Elite Recruiter Podcast

How copywriting can level up your sales and recruiting with Henna Merchant Pryor

Henna Pryor, PCC was a top recruiter for years at Kforce before starting her Speaking, Executive Coaching, and award-winning Copy Clinic sales messaging training programs.

She learned early on that the proper messages not only increased her response rates, but helped to become a perennial top biller.

We talk about how she got to the top of the industry, how she used powered-up sales writing and copy to become highly efficient and productive, and how important these modern skills are going to be moving forward in the recruitment and staffing industry.

The Relevant Recruiter Show

Sales Messaging and Copy: Henna Pryor on the Relevant Recruiter Show

As creator of Copy Clinic series, the nation’s premier sales messaging and copywriting masterclass exclusively for sales, recruiting, and staffing professionals, Henna knows a thing or two about how to communicate in a way that gets results.

In this episode, Henna shares actionable tips and tricks on the new era of communication, including:

  • How to write effective sales messages for your recruiting business
  • Being clear and specific with your message without being aggressive
  • Using content and context to get engagement from prospects

Happy Half Hour with an Entrepreneur

On Entrepreneurship: Henna Pryor | Pryority Group

In this episode, Brian shares a beer with self-made entrepreneur Henna Pryor of Pryority Group. Henna is a first generation American with a tough love – no excuses attitude who reminds us, like many other entrepreneurs on our show, that money is not the end goal that makes us happy.

Walking Brian through her career of twists and turns, Henna’s lesson on “Neutral Thinking” is something we should all take note of and exercise in our daily lives.

She also shares other tips like how to write emails that don’t suck, how to set boundaries while working from home, how to make small bets on yourself, and how failure is a key opportunity to learn.

You Own the Experience Podcast

Embrace the Awkward to Grow with Henna Pryor

In this episode of the podcast, Lauren & Rob sit down with Henna Pryor, Founder of the Pryority Group.

They sit down to discuss her journey from staffing industry executive to founding her own consulting business, doing her first TEDx Talk, and her journey to reclaim the word awkward.

The trio also discusses:
• Getting over your initial fear of being solopreneur
• Placing small bets as you go out on your own
• The importance of coaches, mentors, & learning for your growth journey


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