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Leadership Development

Leader and team development training & workshops

Are you seeking transformational change in your team and culture within a 1-5 day period?  Consider a group training or workshop to address a variety of topics.

Below is a sampling of Training and Workshops offered.

All programs are 100% customized to the company and team. Additional programming available, and suggestions offered after initial complimentary discovery call.

Unearthing your Leadership Superpowers (60 min.): Mining for the strengths to catapult you to the next level

Team Communication and a Culture of Trust (90 min.): Based on work of Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead

Identifying your Leadership Blind Spots (60 or 90 min.): What am I missing? A workshop to help you become present to leadership and communication habits that are impacting your ability to be truly powerful.

Humor in Business (60 min.): How to use it and why it’s necessary to cultivate joy in the workplace

Avoiding the Advice Trap (60 min.): How to Empower Your Teams by Learning How Not to “Rescue”

How to Ask for More (60 min.): A simple yet powerful framework for successful negotiation.

3 Phases of Business (60 min.): Preparing for a Post-Pandemic Workplace

Beating Team Burnout (60 min.): 5 Actionable Steps to Identify and Combat Burnout in Your Team and Take Action to Address Them