For Recruiters, Staffing, and Sales Professionals

If you landed on this page, I have a soft spot for you… and want to give you a warm welcome! I spent 14 years in sales for a large company and am still 100% in sales as an entrepreneur, so this is a space that means a lot to me personally.

I’m a proud multi-hyphenate (part of my slow quest to become Beyoncé) and I’m proud to have a lot of ways to help you, no matter what you’re looking for.

No matter which path you choose (and feel free to choose several!), your path ends in the same spot:  You learn more about a way to drastically increase your performance, your results, and most importantly… your bank account.

"No one answers the phone any more. I know digital communication is king. My emails and copy need HELP. I want to make sure my messaging sells!"

A Sales Messaging & Copywriting Masterclass Training Series Exclusively for Recruiting & Staffing Professionals.

A Sales Messaging & Copywriting Masterclass Training Series Exclusively for Hungry Sales and Marketing Professionals.

Buyers today are not the same as 5 years ago. Are you?

Inside-Out Selling:  Evidencebased strategies to connect with modern buyers and drive sales.

"I'm in recruiting / staffing and want to close every deal possible, get referred constantly, and beat the competition in a modern way... and not feel like a slimy salesperson doing it."

Retrain Your Brain to Take a Coach Approach to Skyrocket Results

Interested in a live training for your team, or not sure which program is right for you? Please contact me to discuss.