scale: likeme
- {score=3} a lot like me
- {score=2} somewhat like me
- {score=1} a little like me
- {score=0} not like me at all

l: scsr
t: scale likeme
o: width: 40%
o: random
q: Please be a s honest as you can throughout, and try not to let your responses to one question influence your response to other questions.
There are no right or wrong answers.
- I'm always trying to figure myself out
- I'm concerned about my style of doing things
- It takes me time to get over my shyness in new situations
- I think about myself a lot
- I care a lot about how I present myself to others
- I often daydream about myself
- It's hard for me to work when someone is watching me
- {reverse} I never take a hard look at myself
- I get embarrassed very easily
- I'm self-conscious about the way I look
- {reverse} It's easy for me to talk to strangers
- I generally pay attention to my inner feelings
- I usually worry about making a good impression
- I'm constantly thinking about my reasons for doing things
- I feel nervous when I speak in front of a group
- Before I leave my house, I check how I look
- I sometimes step back (in my mind) in order to examine myself from a distance
- I'm concerned about what other people think of me
- I'm quick to notice changes in my mood
- I'm usually aware of my appearance
- I know the way my mind works when I work through a problem

l: private
t: set
- sum $scsr.1 $scsr.4 $scsr.6 $scsr.8 $scsr.12 $scsr.14 $scsr.17 $scsr.19 $scsr.21

l: public
t: set
- sum $scsr.2 $scsr.5 $scsr.10 $scsr.13 $scsr.16 $scsr.18 $scsr.20

l: anxiety
t: set
- sum $scsr.3 $scsr.7 $scsr.9 $scsr.11 $scsr.15 $scsr.22

l: feedback
t: radio
q: Your self-consciousness scale scores are:
  • Private self-consciousness: {$private}
  • Public self-consciousness: {$public}
  • Social anxiety: {$anxiety}
- Okay, I get it