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Awkwardness isn’t a weakness to fix – it’s your greatest asset for professional and personal growth. In a time of blurred realities and filtered faces, embracing our awkwardness may seem counterintuitive. As 2x TEDx Speaker and Workplace Performance Expert Henna Pryor shows you, relishing our Good Awkward is essential to be more bold, boost your confidence, and take the necessary professional risks at work that help you be braver and meet your true potential.

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"Whip-smart. Funny. Insightful. Inspirational.
If awkwardness has held you back and you’d rather use it as an advantage at work and in life, READ THIS BOOK!"

Joanna Lohman
Former US Women’s National Soccer Team Player + Mental Performance Coach

What's the secret to smooth, cool confidence at work?

Henna Pryor couldn’t tell you. If “Effortlessly Cool” has eluded you and “Awkwardly Confident” sounds more your speed, this is the book you’ve been waiting for. Pryor taps into her playful and lighthearted writing style to share stories, science-based tools, and simple action steps to guide you to:

  • Pinpoint the exact reasons it’s been difficult to take risks – and how to move past it
  • Learn to wield your awkwardness as a weapon, incorporating new tools and activities to strengthen mental muscle
  • Create your own personalized plan to be braver in the moments when it counts

If your biggest goals have felt slippery or you’re eager to find a fresh edge in a crowded marketplace, you can learn what thousands of Pryor’s clients already have — how to reimagine the moments that once caused embarrassment or cringe and use them as a force for good, in order to become the bravest you.

“If mental blocks around awkwardness have kept you from taking the next right step in your career and life, you need to read Good Awkward. Henna Pryor combines insightful research and a playful writing style to bring a fresh perspective to taking the professional risks we all need to take to succeed — in work and in life.”

Russell Wilson
American NFL Quarterback, Denver Broncos

Meet Henna

Speaker. Executive Coach. Workplace Performance Expert.

Henna Pryor, PCC is a 2x TEDx and Global Keynote Speaker and highly sought-after Workplace Performance Expert. She’s known for her science-backed and energetic approach to improving the performance, habits, and actions of hungry high achievers to move them from their first level of success to their next one. Following 20 years in corporate, two career pivots, and a wildly successful leap to entrepreneurship, Henna shares her work from the stage and screen to expand on her belief that the key to most people’s success is embracing the bumpy edges in order to be braver in the work that they do. 

She lives with her husband, two kids, and ridiculously cute Cavapoo puppy in Chester County, PA, and is probably tripping over her own two feet at this very moment.

Don't eliminate awkwardness.
Condition for it instead.
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“Smart, witty, and full of fresh insights — Henna takes us on a ride of rediscovering an emotion that we all feel, but rarely give the attention it deserves. Great leaders in the modern era need to embrace their awkward to build communities and make meaningful contributions. Thankfully, Good Awkward is here to show us how to do it.”

Lindsay Kaplan
Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer, Chief

Good Awkward is a revolutionary and game changing book. If you get stuck because you worry about saying the wrong thing or the thought of sitting through an awkward silence is unbearable, this book (and Henna Pryor) will change your life.”

Michael Port
NYT and WSJ bestselling author of Steal the Show

Good Awkward is a must-read for anyone out there who lets their awkwardness hold them back from being the bigger, bolder, better versions of themselves. Through Henna’s background, research, and most of all, her humor (I laughed out loud throughout!), she teaches that a little awkwardness can go a long way in getting us out of our comfort zones and on the path to success.”

Tracy Pruzan-Roy
Former SVP at NBCUniversal +  Executive Coach

“Henna nails it with Good Awkward. Her blend of humor, authenticity, and real world application separates her from other coaches-turned-authors. She makes the Science of Awkward accessible and fun. There is hope for us after all!”

Collin Henderson
CEO of Master Your Mindset

“In a world that doesn’t want you to be your most glorious and awkward self, Henna hands us the signed permission slip we all needed to own our cringe. Full of laugh out loud and highly relatable moments, Good Awkward is a must read for anyone looking for an insightful exploration on how those bits we’d rather not show the world are the source of our greatest strength.”

Victoria Melchor
Depth Psychology Author

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