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Modern Executive Coaching, Performance Development, & Training for High Achievers.

What got you here won’t get you there.

You can continue to drag your feet into a DEFAULT FUTURE, or you can leap into a CREATED ONE.


For Recruiters & Staffing Professionals:

what i do

The simplest way to to describe what I do:
I am in the business of impossible changes. 

I spend time with professionals. We have powerful conversations. I learn what’s working and what isn’t. I see the things about yourself that are hard for you to see, and together we explore the hidden things that have been holding you back.

We go through a process of transformation, and as a result, change starts to happen, change that you had long ago decided was 100% impossible. When I have an opportunity to help my clients see their world and their situation through a new set of eyes, the world is different. The person shows up differently each and every day. They suddenly create results that looked unimaginable just hours before. And it’s not wizardry – it’s just the willingness to invest in yourself, in a strategic coach, and putting in the work.



You are driven. You are passionate about what you do. You take action.
People call you “successful.”

But you know you can DO MORE and BE MORE.

You’re in the right place.


Behind every successful leader, athlete, musician, or performer, you will  find that they have partnered with a Coach to improve and propel their performance, communication, and relationships, giving them a competitive advantage and boosting the quality of their own lives, as well as those of their teams. We do this in a modern, fresh way – real talk, real examples, and changes on day one.


Are you enjoying the career of your dreams? And if not… what are you waiting for?

Extensive experience in the field allows me to guide you with mastery. Having been a successful, nationally-ranked Recruiting Director for over 14 years, my client success stories reflect my ability to, time after time, help clients completely transform their career trajectory, optimize their mindset, and achieve a higher level of job satisfaction.  Life is too short to be in a job you hate.

meet henna

Throughout my career, I have coached and placed numerous high-performing professionals who either left their jobs with amazing companies and high-potential leaders, or couldn’t overcome a plateau in their professional success. They couldn’t figure out why they weren’t satisfied, and the leaders were often left scratching their heads.

There is another way to win at work, and I’m tired of taking your money. 

I founded Pryority Group in 2019 to realize a vision that access to strong leadership and team coaching is the most important asset to any company and individual’s continued successful growth. As a lifelong student of human behavior, I take a no-nonsense, zero-jargon approach in my coaching. I do not accept excuses, and believe that the very qualities that lead high achievers to their current success are precisely what hold them back from even greater levels of accomplishment and personal fulfillment.

By continuing to leverage this philosophy and exclusive partnering with industry experts in specialty focus areas, Pryority Group has quickly become a fast-growing firm in the Philadelphia metro area and nationwide.

Throughout a 14 year career in Finance & Accounting recruiting, I broke multiple records and successfully matched over 1,000 finance and accounting professionals, with companies ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 global organizations. In 2019, I completed my certification in Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance from American University, currently carry an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) credential through the International Coach Federation, and am thrilled to use my unique combination of expertise and experience to help businesses and high achievers take themselves to the next level. 




they are saying

I left my role as a top-producing recruiter because it was more important to me to help high achieving professionals and business leaders create change in ways that would last beyond one or two conversations. Here are just a few recent transformations.

“When it comes to executive coaching there are a wealth of coaches that claim to add value, but Henna actually makes it happen. We started working together at a point where I was feeling very low in my career. By the end of our 2nd session, she helped me overcome several obstacles, taught me how to identify the things I was doing to hold myself back, and gave me tools to better position myself for success. I immediately signed up for the 12 month partnership with her. 

She is able to strike a unique balance of strong coaching skills and active listening, and providing useful, actionable suggestions from her wealth of experience  in the industry. 

Thanks to Henna, I have an entirely new approach to my role, and am talking with my manager about a promotion next month.”

Melanie S.

VP, Fortune 500 Financial Services Firm

“My coaching experience with Henna was not what I was expecting, in the best way possible. I went into the session looking for practical advice, and instead had a masterclass in self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-discovery. She helped me remove the proverbal blinders. She helped me to uncover my areas fir development as a leader, but also understand my strengths and how I can use them to differentiate and improve my capacity as a leader.

After working with Henna, I feel much closer to my team than I did before. We communicate better, we have a more open dialogue on a regular basis, and I have been able to pass the lessons I learned to them. Henna educated me about vulnerability and humility, and how strongly they impact performance as a team. Because of Henna’s coaching, I feel we are a much stronger team and it’s showing in our performance.

The best part is that she talks to you like a lifelong friend. I never felt like I was being “coached” – from our first session, it felt like an open, honest, raw conversation with someone I trusted.  Henna is the coach I was looking for!”

Chandler M.

Senior Director, Global Chemical Manufacturing Firm